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1 May 2019

Community Service Day

Community Service Day

This day was a magnificent effort by the Ruyton community who came together for a wonderful cause.

On Wednesday 3 April, the Ruyton Senior School celebrated its first Community Service Day for 2019. The day centred around the main focus for this year, women and girls’ education. It not only raised substantial funds but also meaningful awareness for the Ruyton Founder's Scholarship. This cause is very significant and provides the opportunity for one girl who may not have otherwise had the means, to receive a formal education at Ruyton. 

Many girls and teachers showed their support on the day, getting involved in all the activities on offer. The Year 7 students ran a Pin the Teacher to the Prep Photo game, Year 8 students organised a raffle with prize hampers, Year 9 students held a bake sale, Year 10 students had a cupcake decorating stall and the Year 11 students ran the very popular sausage sizzle. The sausage sizzle was greatly appreciated, particularly by the Year 12 girls who had just finished an English SAC!

The Community Service Team put a lot of effort into organising the main event for the day, the Women of Wonder pageant on Hiscock Court stage, which aimed to give the audience a greater understanding of the importance of education for girls and women. The pageant consisted of nine brave girls from the Community Service Team dressing up and acting as notable women in history, sharing information about how education impacted their lives. Special mention of Year 7s, Kaitlin D, Bella H and Jessica Z (as Marie Curie, Elizabeth Eckford and Michelle Obama); Year 8s, Minduli W and Maya M (as Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai); Year 10s, Ruth D and Sophia D (as Mary McLeod Bethune and Emma Watson) and Year 11s Bella E and Maggie Z (as Venus and Serena Williams). These girls worked with the Year 12s who researched the notable women and crafted engaging interview questions to ask them.

This day was a magnificent effort by the Ruyton community who came together for a wonderful cause. Sincere thanks to all participants for their contributions! The day was a great success, and we look forward to the next Community Service Day in Term 3.

Jemima W
Community Service Captain