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Established in 1878 Ruyton has a strong sense of tradition and we are proud to uphold our motto, ‘Recte et fideliter’ which means ‘Upright and faithful’. Today we see this as Ruyton girls being women of character and integrity.

This year we celebrate our 140th anniversary.

Mrs Charlotte Anderson first established a school in Kew in 1878 in her rented home at 63 Bulleen Road (now High Street South.) In 1881 Mrs Anderson purchased an estate in Studley Park Road which allowed her to establish a boarding house and called it Ruyton after a family connection with Ruyton-Eleven-Towns in Shropshire, England. Even at this stage sport was an integral part of what was on offer for the girls, and there were opportunities for jumping, vaulting, Siamese races, potato races and flat races.

When Mrs Anderson retired in 1888 she sold the school to her close friend, Miss Eliza Bromby. Miss Bromby was a formidable figure in female education in Victoria at this time (she was the daughter of Dr Bromby, first headmaster of Melbourne Grammar School) and was the first woman to pass the matriculation with credit. Here was one of Ruyton’s first confident, resourceful and resilient individuals.

Miss Bromby’s skills, coupled with a high social standing and strong links with the church, ensured the success of the school. Amongst the annual enrolments in 1893 was one Hilda Young Daniell, who moved from being a boarder to a teacher and then to headmistress, when she took over from Miss Emilie Lascelles in 1913. Miss Lascelles joined the school as a matron but became a partner in 1900.

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As enrolments continued to increase Miss Daniell bought the property built by Henry Henty called Tarring, in Selbourne Road in 1919, now known as Henty House. Miss Daniell retired in 1952 and each subsequent Principal has added to or improved the facilities on this original site.

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Click here for a virtual tour around the ORA Heritage Trail, a walking trail which encapsulates the history of Ruyton.  We welcome community members to come and enjoy the ORA Heritage Trail to arrange a suitable time please contact the Co-ordinator, Community.

The School Archivist maintains records which document the tradition, history and unique identity of the School. Enquiries and help from volunteers are welcome, as well as donations of memorabilia from members of the School community or other interested friends. Click here to enjoy a selection of images from our Heritage Collection.

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