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Ruyton was founded in 1878 in the Bulleen Road, Kew, home of newly widowed Mrs Charlotte Anderson (now High Street South).  There she hired a governess, Miss Flora Barton, to educate a small group of children, including her own, in her front parlour.  Her school immediately flourished.  By 1882 she was able to move it to larger premises at ‘Edgecomb’, in Studley Park Road, and name it Ruyton, after a family connection with the village of Ruyton-XI-Towns, Shropshire, England.

Since that time Ruyton has continued to thrive, outgrowing its Edgecomb site, and another at A’Beckett Street, Kew, before settling into its current home in Selbourne Road in 1920.  The centrepiece of this property is Henty House, now named for its original owners, Henry and Marion Henty, but once known as ‘Tarring’.  The grand, polychrome brick home was built in 1872 and with nearly four acres of gardens and grounds around it, it has proved to be a place where Ruyton and its students could continue to prosper.


Over more than 140 years Ruyton has demonstrated its strong sense of community and tradition.  An alumnae association, the Old Ruytonians' Association first formed in 1908.  A school song, composed by student Miss Dorothy Armstrong, was introduced in 1917, and continues today as a feature of School assemblies and reunions.  A House system was established in 1924, each named after one of the former School’s Principals.  The Houses Anderson, Bromby, Daniell and Lascelles, endure as an important part of our students’ sporting and cultural life at School.  Ruyton’s motto ‘Recte et Fideliter’, was introduced in 1886, and is Latin for ‘Upright and Faithful’.  It guides today’s Ruyton girls to develop as women of character and integrity.  

The Ruyton Heritage Collection documents and promotes the proud history and unique identity of our School, through a broad collection that includes photographs, uniform, publications and items of ephemera. Your enquiries and donations are welcome

For more information, please contact the School Archivist, Natalie Bradvica on +61 (3) 9819 2422 or Archives@ruyton.vic.edu.au

Click here to enjoy a virtual version of the Old Ruytonians’ Association Heritage Trail, a walking trail which encapsulates the history of Ruyton. To enquire about the Old Ruytonians’ Association please contact the Foundation and Alumnae Relations Manager, Kate Higgins on +61 (3) 9819 2422 or ORA@ruyton.vic.edu.au


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