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The Senior School supports our students to discover more about themselves – as a learner and an individual.

The journey through Senior School challenges students to explore new opportunities and take risks in a safe and supportive environment. This is prevalent in our diverse and vibrant co-curricular program. From Ruyton’s GSV sporting teams to our acclaimed performing arts program, the focus is on participation and student engagement. Opportunities to belong to a team and experience personal growth in programs such as our highly accomplished cross country or rowing crews, or to delve deeply into passions for drama, dance or art are extended to students throughout the Senior School. 

Student voice and advocacy is encouraged and fostered, through debating, service, sustainability and community connection opportunities. While our House system fosters belonging and cross-year level collaboration, allowing students to thrive in a variety of contexts. Our outdoor education and immersive experiences program further extends challenge by choice, seeing our students respond with grit and perseverance to a range of age and stage appropriate opportunities. These experiences are designed to foster and encourage personal growth, encouraging students to learn new skills, value teamwork and connect with our environment and local and global communities.  

Sport at Ruyton