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From the moment I joined the Ruyton community, I recognised the School as a dynamic and engaging learning community where girls come first. A place that presents girls and young women with opportunities to dream, discover and develop as capable and confident young women; realising their own potential and prepared to take on the complex challenges that life presents. 

Ruyton is a vibrant place where girls feel a strong sense of belonging.
Linda Douglas, Principal

The size of our school enables us to know our girls well and for them to build strong networks across our community. There is a powerful sense of connection that exists within our school with each girl valued for who she is and empowered to be her best. 

Ruyton students benefit from participating in a wide range of curricular and cocurricular opportunities. Our girls fully embrace and live the Ruyton experience, taking on new challenges, expanding their skillset and understanding their own capacity for growth. Endeavour and excellence are celebrated, and failure is understood to be an important step in everyone’s learning process.

It is a true privilege to work alongside our passionate and highly skilled staff who promote intellectual risk-taking, grit, curiosity, problem solving, creativity and joyful learning. Our staff believe in the benefits of an all-girls’ education, and use this belief to shape meaningful learning experiences, educating our girls with purpose.

I invite you to discover and experience Ruyton for yourself to gain a true understanding of our culture, our learning programs and the many opportunities we provide for girls to thrive and realise their potential. 

Two students walking down the garden path towards classrooms