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At Ruyton Early Learning we believe in nurturing curiosity, wonder, adventure, and joyful learning as our children discover and explore their world.

Our ELC is a warm and engaging space, where everyone is welcomed, valued, and respected equally. Our children belong to a vibrant community that extends far beyond the Early Learning Centre (ELC). They are valued members of our School community and with this sense of belonging each child’s engagement, confidence, and wellbeing flourishes.

One of the most exciting elements of Ruyton Early Learning is our learning and teaching philosophy and how it inspires us in being, belonging and becoming.

We believe our ‘image of the child’ (as it is referred to in Reggio Emilia) is the foundation for learning and teaching. Every decision is influenced by how we see children; the design and construction of the environment, our relationship and interactions with the child, family and community partnerships and the expectations we have of ourselves and others.

Seeing the child as a strong and powerful individual who brings their own theories and thinking about the world is transformational to teaching practice. When we see children as competent and capable, the possibilities for education and development are endless. With a learning program that is constantly evolving, changing, adapting, and innovating, we can provide opportunities for growth and development inside, outside, and beyond.

We welcome you to Ruyton Early Learning. Your child’s journey starts here.