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Beyond the core curriculum, our innovative signature programs, developed specifically for Ruyton students, further enrich the Junior School learning program. These programs build on the skills, competencies and knowledge developed through the core curriculum and cater to the diverse needs and growth of our students.

South House (Year 4)
InspireMe (Prep-Year 12)
South House (Year 4)

South House is an immersive year-long learning experience specifically designed to meet the needs of our Year 4 students. With a focus on growing independence and being an active and engaged member of a learning community and the wider community, our students develop a greater sense of themselves as learners, collaborators and responsible citizens.

Experiences are cross-disciplinary, as students find purpose when recognising the connection between subject areas. Flexible learning and teaching approaches are an essential element of this year. Differentiation is key in supporting and challenging individuals to be their best. Likewise, collaborative experiences support student engagement, understanding and communication. There is also an emphasis on developing their STEM capabilities as they look for opportunities to create, produce and test solutions that support sustainable outcomes.

Operating from the heritage-listed South House building, students move between indoor learning spaces (classrooms, kitchen) and outdoor spaces (vegetable garden, bush tucker garden). They also engage regularly with the local community through an extended program of excursions and field trips and reciprocal visits. As empathetic, resourceful and creative individuals, students recognise their potential to drive positive change in their community, through a personal learning journey. 

InspireMe (Prep-Year 12)

An explicitly powerful learning initiative, designed for Ruyton students in Prep to Year 12, the InspireMe program nurtures the development of transformative and complex competencies, preparing students for a well-rounded future. These competencies, or life skills, include acting ethically, active citizenship, agency in learning, communication, collaboration, and quality thinking.  

The program lays the foundation for students to thrive and live lives of impact and purpose, building capacity as empowered, self-directed, and lifelong learners and is presented in three stages: MySpark (Prep to Year 4), MyCred (Years 5 to 8) and MyScholar (Years 9 to 12). 

MySpark (Prep to Year 4): the foundation for the InspireMe initiative, MySpark focuses on the development of students’ skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. Students discover, explore and investigate their world through experiential learning embedded in the core curriculum and cocurricular opportunities to cultivate these essential life skills. 

MyCred (Years 5 to 8): MyCred challenges students to explore their personal leadership and engagement in community service and a range of co-curricular opportunities. As empowered learners, students are challenged to think critically about how they can take action to contribute to our world authentically; to be responsible and engaged citizens. Students receive recognition of learning and engagement through the attainment of micro-credentials. 


Learning to lead is an integral part of the Ruyton experience for all students as they develop the key skills and attributes required to lead their own life and lead others with character, endeavour, integrity and citizenship. We know that investing in young women promotes future leaders to drive positive social change, advocating for girls' education and women's rights. 

Our leadership learning framework spans kindergarten to Year 12, an age and stage developmental program woven through our curricular and co-curricular experiences, supporting all students to learn more about themselves, engage positively with others and make a difference. Through the development of leadership skills and attributes and opportunities to take on a broad range of formal and informal leadership roles, they are empowered to lead with care, resilience and courage, to raise their voices and advocate for themselves and others. Ruyton girls make a difference in their world as they engage and connect with local and global issues with impact and purpose.  

Our leadership programs across the Junior and Senior Schools focus on developing skills such as collaboration, communication, strategy, decision making, team management, event management and negotiation. Leadership attributes such as open-mindedness, empathy, resilience, humility and courage are explored. 

Leadership opportunities at Ruyton are ongoing and diverse, emphasising holistic development throughout the educational journey.  

In Junior School, our leadership program emphasises service and the development of leadership attributes through a collaborative, team-based approach. Our first formal leadership opportunity is in Year 2 when students take on a mentoring role for Prep and Year 1 students through our Star Sisters program. This serves as a strong foundation as students experience ongoing leadership learning and the opportunity to take on different roles in Years 3-5 before embarking on our year-long Year 6 Leadership experience. Year 6 is a significant milestone with the establishment of formal team and leadership positions for all Year 6 students; a year of focused leadership learning, action and reflection. Students in Year 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to stand for the Student Representative Council (Years 5-8) and work with Senior School students to create positive change across the School.