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The Junior School is a home for learning.

In our classrooms you will find rich and engaging programs underpinned by contemporary learning approaches and evidence-based research in girls’ education. There is an emphasis on establishing solid foundations in literacy and numeracy and other core curriculum areas while tailoring programs to cater to the individual needs of each student. Inquiry and project-based learning empower our girls as partners in their learning, cultivating a culture of thinking and deep questioning, critical and creative thought, and developing competencies such as effective communication and collaboration.

In addition to our core curriculum, our students benefit from an extensive specialist program encompassing a wide range of subjects such as STEM, Coding, Music, Visual Arts, PE (Physical Education), Health, Sport, Languages, and access to a well-equipped library. This diversity enriches students’ learning experiences, enabling them to explore countless opportunities. 

To further support our students, our Individual Learning team collaborate closely with students, teachers and families, utilising assessment and data to enable and extend the learning experience of our students. This approach ensures that teachers deeply understand each student's unique needs and helps us continually refine our educational programs to facilitate their growth and development.

The Junior School at Ruyton is not just a place of education; it is a community dedicated to nurturing well-rounded, curious, and resilient individuals, where every child's potential is recognised and celebrated.
Catherine Samuel, Head of Junior School