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Wellbeing sits at the heart of Ruyton, creating an environment where every student can thrive.

At Ruyton we empower every girl to flourish by embracing emotional, social, physical and academic wellbeing practices. This holistic approach supports our girls to lead lives of impact and purpose. With courage, character, and the desire to make a difference, our girls are empowered to achieve their personal best in all they do.

Being known and valued is the cornerstone of every girls’ educational journey at Ruyton. Our size means we know their unique strengths, aspirations and personal challenges and value their individuality. Through our flexible and holistic educational model every student is challenged to understand and seek their personal best with courage and integrity. 

The Senior School program responds to the ever-evolving and changing needs of adolescent girls and emerging adults through the development of a sequential and age-appropriate wellbeing program.  

In Years 7 and 8 particular emphasis is placed on developing a sense of self and fostering positive and respectful relationships. Students are introduced to our Academic Buoyancy approach, fostering important skills and approaches necessary to navigate everyday challenges.  

The Year 9 and 10 program focuses on life skills, personal reflection, and the exploration of individual passions. Through a more mature lens, respectful relationships are also examined in greater depth, fostering an increased understanding of varied social interactions and connections.

In Years 11 and 12 emphasis is placed on the exploration of pathways, life matters and responsible leadership, ensuring each student is best placed to lead a meaningful and productive life beyond school. 

The Senior School Wellbeing Program is led and supported by 

  • The Director of Wellbeing and Head of Senior School 
  • Wellbeing Leaders and Wellbeing Support Teachers for each Year level 
  • Mentor Teachers 
  • School Counsellors and Nurses  
  • Career Counsellors 
  • Individual Learning Staff 
  • Student Representative Council 
  • Student Leaders and Peer Mentors 
  • Powerful Parenting Program.