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Learning extends beyond the classroom in our Junior School.

Our co-curricular opportunities are diverse and encompass various activities, from extensive music ensembles, choirs, afterschool and interschool sports, debating, chess, and lunchtime academic competitions and House events.

We see the Junior School years as a time for students to discover and explore their interests, igniting their passions. Participation and involvement are at the core of what we do, creating connections, fostering a deep sense of community, and allowing students to explore and discover their passions.

Co-curricular activities are available before and after school for students from Prep through to Year 6. Activities are provided based on student's interests and are reviewed regularly to reflect the cohort. In addition, before school care and afterschool care services are available to parents.

Through these experiences, students learn the true value of teamwork, putting their skills into practice while simultaneously forging lasting bonds with their peers. These activities are about acquiring new skills and creating memorable moments filled with fun and enjoyment, making learning truly unforgettable.

Sport at Ruyton

Performing Arts at Ruyton

Ruyton's performing arts program is highly regarded for its comprehensive and dynamic range of drama, music and dance opportunities. The performing arts program emphasises skill development, teamwork, and self-expression, offering numerous performance opportunities that develop and nurture creativity, curiosity, self-expression and individuality.

We eagerly anticipate the opening of our new first-class Performing Arts Centre and Auditorium in late 2024. Providing a stage for our students to develop competencies and confidence, this new space will support our girls as they prepare to challenge, shape and change the world.