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Beyond the core curriculum, our innovative signature programs developed specifically for Ruyton students, further enrich the Senior School learning program. These programs build on the skills, competencies and knowledge developed through the core curriculum and cater to the diverse needs and growth of our students.

Academic Buoyancy (Year 7-9)
InspireMe (Prep-Year 12)
Academic Buoyancy (Year 7-9)

Academic buoyancy, or 'everyday academic resilience' refers to the ability of students to successfully deal with the everyday academic setback, adversity and challenge in everyday learning. Examples include not doing as well as expected in an assignment or test, missing an academic deadline, catching up after absence, or an unexpected change of teacher.  

Girls typically demonstrate higher motivation and engagement than boys, yet academic setback, adversity, and challenge register more and linger longer for them.  Acknowledged as one of the few psycho-educational attributes not favouring girls, we have embedded our Academic Buoyancy program into Years 7-9. In their learning, wellbeing and co-curricular experiences we are providing our girls with strategies to approach to challenging learning situations with confidence. 

Using the five 'Cs' of academic buoyancy, as identified by Martin (2007), students are exposed to strategies that support motivation, engagement and wellbeing; these being confidence (self-efficacy), coordination (planning), commitment (persistence), control, and composure.  

This program is supporting our girls to identify what academic adversity looks like so they can take proactive action before responses to setback, pressure, stress and fear of failure engulf them.   

Our girls are strengthening their resilience and buoyancy, opening new pathways that empower them to achieve their potential.  

InspireMe (Prep-Year 12)

An explicitly powerful learning initiative, designed for Ruyton students in Prep to Year 12, the InspireMe program nurtures the development of transformative and complex competencies, preparing students for a well-rounded future. These competencies, or life skills, include acting ethically, active citizenship, agency in learning, communication, collaboration, and quality thinking.  

The program lays the foundation for students to thrive and live lives of impact and purpose, building capacity as empowered, self-directed, and lifelong learners and is presented in three stages: MySpark (Prep to Year 4), MyCred (Years 5 to 8) and MyScholar (Years 9 to 12). 

MyCred (Years 5 to 8): MyCred challenges students to explore their personal leadership and engagement in community service and a range of co-curricular opportunities. As empowered learners, students are challenged to think critically about how they can take action to contribute to our world authentically; to be responsible and engaged citizens. Students receive recognition of learning and engagement through the attainment of micro-credentials. 

MyScholar (Years 9 to 12): MyScholar provides an opportunity for senior students to engage in an extended individual action research through one of four strands: creativity, discovery, enterprise, and global citizenship. It fosters and cultivates intellectual pursuits, skills and attributes integral to scholarly growth such as researching, writing, critical thinking and public speaking. MyScholar students build deep knowledge in a chosen field of study with the support and guidance of staff and mentors. They present their individual action-based research project and subsequent actions, earning recognition as a Ruyton Scholar. 


Learning to lead is an integral part of the Ruyton experience for all students as they develop the key skills and attributes required to lead their own life and lead others with character, endeavour, integrity and citizenship. We know that investing in young women promotes future leaders to drive positive social change, advocating for girls' education and women's rights. 

Our leadership learning framework spans kindergarten to Year 12, an age and stage developmental program woven through our curricular and co-curricular experiences, supporting all students to learn more about themselves, engage positively with others and make a difference. Through the development of leadership skills and attributes and opportunities to take on a broad range of formal and informal leadership roles, they are empowered to lead with care, resilience and courage, to raise their voices and advocate for themselves and others. Ruyton girls make a difference in their world as they engage and connect with local and global issues with impact and purpose.  

Our leadership programs across the Junior and Senior Schools focus on developing skills such as collaboration, communication, strategy, decision making, team management, event management and negotiation. Leadership attributes such as open-mindedness, empathy, resilience, humility and courage are explored. 

Leadership opportunities at Ruyton are ongoing and diverse, emphasising holistic development throughout the educational journey.  

In Senior School we have adopted a contemporary leadership framework, including formal and informal leadership opportunities. Our Student Representative Councils (Years 5-8 and Years 9-12) alongside our school-wide extensive peer mentoring program support the growth and development of emerging leaders.  At Year 12, our two School Co-Captains are supported by a Student Executive and the House Leaders. The Student Executive consists of up to eight prefects working across the four portfolios of Sport and Adventure; The Arts; Advocacy and Citizenship; and Community Life. These prefects lead a team of student leaders drawn from both Year 11 and 12 in each portfolio area, supporting peer mentoring and successional leadership. The eight House leaders, two for each house, lead House activities and inspire the House spirit that is such an essential component of life at Ruyton.