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Promoting wellbeing in early childhood extends beyond creating a safe and nurturing environment; it involves cultivating a sense of belonging, empowering children to explore their curiosities and passions, and nurturing their social-emotional development. It's about laying the foundation for lifelong resilience and holistic growth.
Lisa Dobson, Head of Early Learning

Embedding wellbeing into Early Learning is paramount for fostering the holistic development of our Kindergarten and Pre Prep children. We create a nurturing environment that prioritises the emotional, social, and physical aspects of a child’s growth. Teachers play a crucial role by promoting positive relationships, cultivating a sense of belonging and incorporating mindfulness practices. 

Our curriculum is designed with a focus on emotional intelligence, resilience, and empathy to enhance the wellbeing of our young learners. Aligning the outdoor and indoor program equally provides opportunities for children to further develop their connections to the natural world, their creative expression, and foster a sense of autonomy and agency. 

In Early Learning genuine partnerships are formed with families, children and professionals and a collaborative approach to supporting each child’s learning, development, and wellbeing is paramount. 

A kindergarten student climbing through outdoor play equipment in the Early Learning Centre at Ruyton Girls' School