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We aim to inspire girls to be bold, educating them to live lives of impact and purpose. Quite simply, at Ruyton we believe in girls. This is the Ruyton advantage.

Ruyton was founded as a school for girls; we are and always have been girl centred. We educate and empower our girls and young women to embrace opportunities and face challenges with resilience, nurturing their potential and developing them as individuals.  

Research from around the world continues to show the significant merits of an all-girls’ school education, with girls achieving more when they are given their own dedicated space in which to develop. Girls’ schools are at the forefront of gender equality, challenging gendered norms and purposefully building girls’ confidence, conviction and self-belief, ensuring girls have the skills and knowledge to speak out and to break down barriers. 

A Senior School student with her hand up in class
student smiling as she warms up before running.
The two 2024 School Co-Captains standing in the garden, outside the historic Henty House.
Two students talking and laughing together in the classroom
A Senior School student singing into the microphone at Ruyton Girls' School
A group of Junior School students from Ruyton Girls' School smiling at the camera
Academic Advantage 
Academic  Advantage 
Girls’ schools achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other cohort in Australia. In this environment girls will freely pursue academic excellence across all subjects. Notably, participation in maths, science and technology is greater among girls in all-girls schools. These schools are dedicated to excellence in education, but they are also dedicated to girls.
Every Opportunity  
Girls don’t simply enjoy equal opportunity in a girls’ school, they enjoy every opportunity open to them to participate, influence and lead. The lack of gender stereotyping supports them to make informed and unconstrained choices about interests, subject choices, co-curricular pursuits and career pathways.
Leading byExample 
Leading by Example 
In girls’ schools, students are intentionally equipped with the knowledge and skills required to overcome social and cultural gender biases, and stereotypical norms. All leadership roles in girls’ schools are filled by girls. Younger students see and engage with these female leaders, knowing that girls can lead in any role, in any field.
A TailoredEducation  
A Tailored Education  
Girls’ education is intentional, tailored to meet girls’ learning needs and preferences, offering activities and opportunities free of constraints imposed by gender-stereotyping. This clear focus is reflected in the physical structure, curriculum and co-curriculum offerings, teaching and learning approaches, and school culture of successful girls’ schools.
Balanced and Well Rounded 
Balanced and  Well Rounded 
We prioritise girls’ education in an environment that strives for excellence, placing equal value on academic achievement, co-curricular engagement, and the formation of character. Balancing social life and study is an acquired skill, and girls’ schools create spaces for girls to learn without the continuous imposition of social pressures and distractions.
Global Citizens 
Global Citizens 
As girls’ schools we prepare our students to be citizens of the world, using the strength and breadth of our international coalition to connect with an emphasis on social justice, community, and leading with impact and purpose.