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Ruyton Foundation

Founded in 1988, the Ruyton Foundation is the principal body through which financial support of Ruyton Girls’ School is directed.

Ruyton Foundation

Today the Ruyton Foundation has entered a new era.  A new expanded Foundation committee has come together with the shared belief in the power of philanthropy to transform Ruyton, secure its future and to make a difference for current Ruyton girls and for generations to come.

The Ruyton Foundation Committee has three goals, namely:

  • to introduce and nurture a thriving culture of philanthropy at Ruyton and have strong active engagement across our own community
  • to increase the visibility of the Foundation and the work done by the Foundation
  • to engage our community in new opportunities to sustain and develop loyalty.

Our goal is not only to have our parents and alumnae community understand how philanthropy contributes to the long-term sustainability and enhancement of the School, but also for our girls to appreciate the 140-year history of philanthropists that made Ruyton the progressive School it is today.

If you are interested to learn more about the Ruyton Foundation please contact the Community Relations office on email

As a Board member, parent and the new Chair of the Ruyton Foundation Committee, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to help secure the future of our great School for all those girls in generations to come who are fortunate enough to be educated at Ruyton. Scholarships based on merit or for reasons of equity will always form an important role at Ruyton, as will bequests and capital to maintain and upgrade our facilities.  I hope you will join me, in whatever way possible, on this important journey.

Peter Nelson

Chair, Foundation Committee

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