Powerful Learning

Powerful Learning

Powerful learning at Ruyton provides opportunities for choice, flexibility and experiential learning.

Our girls are independent learners, encouraged to connect, explore, discover and create. Learning is relevant to real world contexts as students understand how to make an impact in our local and global community. This is facilitated through a broad and rich curriculum offering with specialist teachers from the Early Years to Year 12.

Ruyton girls reach their full intellectual, physical, emotional and social potential in a safe and supportive environment. Teachers personalise learning by understanding each student as an individual, providing targeted learning experiences that ensure each student is valued, supported and challenged. The size of our school ensures that our staff know our girls and cater to their needs to bring out their best.  

As a Kindergarten to Year 12 School, Ruyton lays solid foundations of learning in the Early years that are built upon in Middle and Senior years within a K-12 framework. Ruyton’s quality teaching and learning practises instil in our girls self-confidence and an understanding of their capabilities while developing perseverance and grit and a passion for lifelong learning.

With a long history of educating girls we know how girls learn best, and provide the optimal environment to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.  Fostering a love of learning and embracing curiosity, encourages our girls to connect, explore, discover and create.


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