Ruyton Enrolment Form

Early Learning, Prep to Year 7 online enrolment application

Please complete the form below.  A non-refundable application fee of $110 is required. Two years prior to your daughter's commencement date, you will be contacted for an interview for a placement offer. 

Enrolment in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 will be determined by availability, submission of reports, and an interview process.  

As Ruyton offers limited places for boys in our Early Learning Centre, our Admissions office should be contacted prior to completing an application form. 

Once a formal offer of a place at Ruyton has been made, a non-refundable and non-deferrable entrance fee and fees in advance per student, are payable to accept the place. On receipt of the payment the completed Acceptance of Offer Document, the enrolment will be confirmed. 

For further information contact our Admissions team, on or call + 61 (3) 9819 2422.


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When the application for enrolment is lodged, a non-refundable Application Fee is payable to the School. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged by the Registrar.
Parents will be contacted approximately 1-2 years prior to enrolment. An interview will be arranged for parents or guardian and student.
A formal offer of a place in the School may then be made and a non-refundable Entrance Fee and Fees in Advance per student are immediately payable to accept a place. Upon receipt of such monies, formal confirmation of the place is provided by the Principal.


A range of Academic, Music and other Scholarships are offered by Ruyton with the continuation of any scholarship the subject of regular review of academic and other performance.
Short-listed candidates and their parents are interviewed by the Principal, as part of the Scholarship process.
Dates of Scholarship Examinations are published in the press during Term 1. Additional information can be obtained from the School website.
Bursary assistance may be available to assist families with special short term and particular financial need. This form of temporary assistance is at the sole discretion of the Principal.


Billing Dates: Will be as close as practicable to the first day of February, May and August.
Payment Date: All Fees are due and payable on receipt of the account.
Late Payment Fees: will be charged on all accounts not paid within one month of billings. A further will be charged if accounts are not paid within one month of each late payment notice. No student may commence a new term unless the previous account has been paid.
Students Absent Overseas, etc: To hold a confirmed place for a student who leaves but wishes to return at a later date, (including exchange students,) full fees must be paid for each term's absence as well as leaving the Fees in Advance with the School, save in circumstances approved by the School Board.
Removal of Student: A term's notice in writing must be given to the Principal, or half a term's fee is required before removal of a student from the School.
Family Discount: For families with more than two children at Ruyton a 20% discount, off the scheduled fee, applies for each additional child.
Additional Charges: some items are charged in addition to tuition fees and are payable on receipt of invoice. For example, these include:
(a) Music lessons and hire of musical instruments: by arrangement with the Music Department.
(b) Visual Art/Photography levies: (Years 7-12) a charge is made to cover the cost of standard materials used where Art forms part of the student's studies.
(c) Outdoor Education or Activities Programmes: the cost of Outdoor Education Programmes or activities at various levels is either collected by the organisers or charged on account after due notice has been given.
Queries: Parents with queries regarding fees should contact the Business Manager, or the Financial Controller.

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