What are School hours in Early Learning?

Both the Kindergarten and Pre Prep Learning Groups operate from 9am to 3pm.

How many students are at Ruyton Girls' School?

There are approximately 920 students from our three year old Early Learning to Year 12.

Is Ruyton all girls or co-educational?

Ruyton's Kindergarten is co-educational and we have one Girls’ Pre Prep and one Co-educational Pre Prep. From Prep to Year 12 Ruyton is an all girls’ school. At Years 11 and 12 (VCE) we run our signature co-ordinate programme with nearby Trinity Grammar School. 

What are the intake years at Ruyton Girls’ School?

Prep, Year 5 and Year 7 are our recognised intake years. From time to time other vacancies do arise at different year levels. Please click here to contact Mrs Nadine Hibbert our Registrar to enquire about vacancies.

Are there any scholarships available?

Academic, Music and General Excellence Scholarships are offered at Years 5 and 7.  Click here to find out more.

What languages are offered at Ruyton Girls’ School?

Girls have the opportunity to learn a second language from Ruyton Early Learning to Year 12. Chinese and French are taught in the Junior School and girls make a language choice from Year 5. The language chosen is studied for two years until the girls are given the opportunity to make a choice again when entering Year 7. Whichever language is chosen at Year 7, the girls study this language until the end of Year 10. Girls may then choose to continue to study the language as part of their VCE programme.

At what age do children start in the Kindergarten?

Children start in our Early Learning at three years of age (must have turned three by 31 January of year of entry), and at four years of age in our Pre-Prep programmes.

How do I contact the Ruyton Aquatic Centre direct to book my swimming lessons?

Please contact the Ruyton Aquatic Centre Manager Richard McLean on email or telephone 03 8651 4446.

What are the Term dates for this year and next?

Click here for our Term Dates.

What are School hours in the Junior School?

School begins for all girls in the Junior School at 8:45am and concludes at 3:30pm.

What are School hours in the Senior School?

Students in Year 7 - 12 start at 8.20am and finish at 3.15pm.