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Welcome from our School Co-captains

What does it mean to be a Ruyton girl? We believe it means belonging to a unique community that is nurturing beyond measure; in which excellence, courage and enthusiasm is inspired in every member.

We feel incredibly fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment where each girl is valued, both by her teachers and by her peers. At Ruyton, no dream is too ambitious when our girls are encouraged to be bold, creative and resourceful leaders in this modern, ever-changing world. Our teachers too, are continually supportive of our endeavours, helping us not only to reach our potential, but to go beyond what we think possible.  

The size of our school and tight-knit community allows for strong connections to be formed between girls in both their own, and across different, year levels. This creates a culture of sharing experiences and wisdom among all members of the Ruyton community that is embedded within the very spirit of the school.

Along with this camaraderie comes a readiness to learn, whether it be in the classroom or through participation in the many co-curricular activities on offer. We are constantly seeing girls approach new opportunities with positivity and exuberance, and thus, grow and flourish as individuals. 

In 2019, we would like to encourage each girl to discover what sets her soul on fire and to pursue it with courage and ardour. We believe that Ruyton is a place where dreams are born and we have faith in every girl at Ruyton to be someone she, herself, is proud of.

Olivia Harper and Jacqueline Du, School Co-Captains 2019

The Co-Captains of the School are appointed for a year to act as leaders and role models for the students.