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Welcome from our School Co-Captains

Our names are Elise and Lily, and we are honoured to be Ruyton's School Co-Captains in 2024. 

This year, we embark on a journey of discovery. Evident in our enthusiasm and determination to involve ourselves within the school community, our cohort exemplifies passionate leadership. We are dreamers – a multifaceted microcosm of athletes, musicians, debaters and artists, who share an unwavering commitment to reaching for the stars and a fierce conviction in the face of adversity. Our hope for this year is to lead by example, inspiring the wider School community to embrace their passions, to be ambitious in their endeavours, and to have the courage to seize new and exciting opportunities. Whether this be through incorporating music and dancing at Captains’ assemblies, or promoting involvement and joy at sport days, performances and service events, we are so excited to follow in the footsteps of incredibly resolute and inspiring leaders, and keep their legacy alive.

To complement Passion is our second guiding word, Authenticity, which is a quality we will strive towards nurturing this year. Our cohort and wider Senior School community is one with diverse ways of thinking, brimming with authentic opinions and ideas, which will be integral in guiding our actions and decisions in 2024. Our authenticity represents staying true to our character and values, and extending that devotion to the far corners of Ruyton, encouraging students to be vulnerable and celebrate their individuality.

In conjunction with these two words, we have chosen the colour red to reflect our leadership vision for 2024. Red is not only a symbol of love and passion, but is also a primary colour, serving as a foundation for a variety of hues. For us, the foundational nature of red represents a sense of grounding, a reminder of the earth as we follow our dreams and reach for the stars. In addition, red is bold – a reflection of our intention to remain authentic to our passions and to exude both warmth and determination as we begin a year that will no doubt challenge and extend us, not only as people but as learners. That is the essence of our leadership vision; holding space for our hearts and being brave enough to wear them on our sleeves.

We speak on behalf of all the Year 12s when we say that we can’t wait to lead with passion and authenticity this year, and we hope to see you in the arena, embracing all of the opportunities 2024 has to offer.

Elise Curry and Lily Sun
School Co-Captains