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Student Leaders

Welcome from our School Co-captains

To us, Ruyton has always been a place where we’ve felt nurtured by the staff, the older girls and the wider community. As the leaders of 2020, the Year 12 cohort aim to lead with radiance and unity, with the colour peach chosen to encapsulate both of these words and the character of our group of girls. 

Having formed such strong bonds with the older and younger girls, we feel it is important to model a sense of unity through our leadership, valuing the diversity and strengths of each student. Through fostering their sense of self, we hope that each girl feels confident enough in herself to never sacrifice her personal values and qualities. It is this that will allow their individuality to shine through. 

By continuing to develop the positive environment that we have known and loved, we can only hope that the younger girls will feel as supported as we did and gain pearls of wisdom from the older girls.

While the year ahead will be filled with many challenges, we hope all our girls will feel confident enough in themselves to make mistakes, ask questions and ultimately grow, with the knowledge that they’re supported by the whole school community. It is through facing the fear of failure together, that we hope to build the girls’ resilience, enabling them to deal with everything that lies ahead.


The Co-Captains of the School are appointed for a year to act as leaders and role models for the students.