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Welcome from our School Co-captains

It is the overwhelming sense of community developed and nurtured by past School Co-Captains that we look to as a guiding example of leadership in our roles at Ruyton Girls’ School.

 One of the most valuable lessons we learned in 2020 was that you truly never stop growing and adapting both individually and as a leader, and this has continued to prove true as we’ve stepped into our positions this year. We are both very conscious of wanting to preserve the incredible legacy left by Co-Captains before us while also bringing our own inspiration and sense of self to the role. We don’t want to lose that feeling of connection and togetherness that has become such a pivotal part of our years at Ruyton. If the past 12 months have shown us anything, it’s that this culture is not created by mere physical proximity on school grounds, but rather a deeply rooted sense of unity and support amongst students, staff and parents.

 Our vision for Ruyton in 2021 is to continue to strengthen the bonds within our school community. The importance of having a support network is at the forefront of both of our minds; being able to rely on others for encouragement and advice brings out the best in ourselves and others. With strong support systems like these, being able to learn and grow from mistakes becomes infinitely easier. This year, we know that regardless of whether or not we are able to run events on campus, the experiences of last year have left us with the wisdom and confidence to overcome any challenges that may come our way.


Zoe Boussioutas and Annie Timm
School Co-Captains 2021