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Ruyton produces a wide range of publications, both in print and digital formats. Our publications contain information about the School’s Strategic Directions, the Annual Report, recognise the learning and achievements of our students (past and current), and celebrate our wonderful sense of community.

Ruyton Reporter 

The Ruyton Reporter captures the essential Ruyton experience for the broader school community. Published twice a year, the printed edition is available to all Ruyton families, past and present. 

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Annual Reports

The Ruyton Girls' School Annual Report provides statutory reporting requirements on financial and student results. It recognises learning initiatives for the year, along with student and staff awards and achievements.  Our Annual Report also recognises those who have donated to the School and the significant contribution they make to Ruyton.

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Scripsi  is a Ruyton literary publication that acknowledges and celebrates many forms of writing. It also provides a platform for Senior School students to gain the experiences of a published writer by submitting their works for consideration. Included are poems, short stories and speeches many of which have received commendations and prizes in highly respected competitions. From 2014 this publication has only been available as an ePublication.       

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The Ruyton News

The Ruyton News is an electronic newsletter published during term time that keeps the current families in the School community informed of recent and upcoming School events and relevant news.