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Alumnae - Old Ruytonians' Association (ORA)

Keep in touch with former school friends, reconnect and receive information about what is going on in the Ruyton community.

An education at Ruyton, is more than academic learning.  The connection to the school, the values, the friendships and fond memories endure a lifetime. Our former students, our Alumnae, are known as Old Ruytonians and may be any student who has attended Ruyton for all or part of their education.  The bond to Ruyton is strong and we foster a vibrant and active Alumnae community through events and activities conducted by The Old Ruytonians' Association (ORA). 

We value the contribution our former students bring to our Ruyton community. There are many opportunities for past students to remain involved with the School. Some Alumnae choose to participate in a Careers Night or an Assembly, where they may speak to our current students about their career choices; assist the running of the ORA, mentor an Old Ruytonian or contribute to our Archives.   

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We would love to hear from you and foster fellowship among our Alumnae community.  We encourage you to connect through Ruyton offical sites or keep our community up to date with an article or picture for inclusion in the Ruyton Reporter magazine.


  • This online  group was launched in 2019 is the Ruyton Girls' School and Old Ruytonians' Association as a professional networking  community.  It is open to former Ruyton students only, with each member verified. It is free to set up a profile to stay connected to Old Ruytonians, chat about the old times, be a mentor to other past students, share job opportunities, expertise, events and mentoring.  Click here to Join 

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The Ruyton Reporter

  • The Ruyton Reporter is the Ruyton Girls' School magazine published twice a year, in print and online formats.  The Ruyton Reporter encapsulates the essential Ruyton experience, both for current students and Alumnae.  We welcome stories from our Alumnae in each edition. Click here to view the Ruyton Reporter online

Contributions to the Ruyton Reporter of stories, articles or photographs can be sent to ora@ruyton.vic.edu.au.




Old Ruytonians are invited to their 'One Year Reunion' towards the end of their first year after finishing school at Ruyton.

Their next reunion is their fifth, and then their tenth. Thereafter formal reunions are held every ten years until their fiftieth.  (Many ORA year level reps organise informal luncheons and get-togethers in between these reunions.) 

Once girls have celebrated their fiftieth reunion they are invited to join in the annual reunion for our Golden Girls.

Interstate reunions are scheduled each year, with plans for some International functions as well. Anyone wanting to ensure their email address is up-to-date to receive details of these reunions, Click here to update your details online.

Reunion & ORA Dates for 2021:

Many 2020 scheduled reunions were postponed due to Covid-19. Below are the reunions we hope to hold in 2021. Please note that dates may change and will be updated here accordingly.

Alumna year
Reunion date
2000 20 years


2001 20 years


1991 30 years


2011 10 Years


1990 30 Years


1971 50 Years POSTPONED
2020 1 Year TBC 
ORA Golf Day   TBC

Due to present COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to host reunions. We will notify our alumnae of future reunion dates when we are able to hold events. For more information please contact Sally de Guingand, at Ruyton click here or telephone + 61 (3) 9819 2422

The Old Ruytonians' Association (ORA)

Our purpose:

The ORA is an incorporated association that works in an integrated way with Ruyton to support the school through bursaries and investments. We provide a range of alumnae services and activities, including reunions, professional networking and mentoring opportunities. The current Committee includes Old Girls from the 60s, 70s, 80, 2000s and 2010s.  

General committee members contribute to the direction and management of the ORA and work collaboratively to facilitate the delivery of our programs and activities.

 We meet:

ORA Committee meetings are held at Ruyton 8 times per year (monthly) in the evenings.

How to get involved

The ORA are keen to hear from motivated, fun and talented women who can contribute to the great work we do. Please register your interest by sending a short email to ORA President Phoebe Demiris (Tallent, 2003) 

ORA Committee 2021

President: Phoebe Demiris (Tallent, 2003)
Vice President: Belinda Anderson (McLeod, 1973)
Treasurer: Hacia Atherton (2006)
Secretary: Kate Graham (2015)
General Committee: Marina Altson (2015), Joan Balfour (Ditty, 1962), Andrea Fyfe (1989), Samantha Gusset (Atkinson,1989), Jane McIntosh (1972), Louise Monsell-Butler (2016) and Anna Truelove (2012).