Optimal wellbeing supports life-long learning, engagement and the ability to positively contribute as a global citizen. Our approach is to develop the whole person, integral to the attainment of a meaningful and purposeful life.

At Ruyton we are committed to empowering all students to flourish in a safe, respectful and supportive environment through fostering optimal emotional, social, physical, cognitive and spiritual wellbeing. As a community we embrace diversity, encourage inclusivity and promote personal growth in all pursuits; at all times underpinned by our core values of Character, Citizenship, Endeavour and Integrity. 

We approach wellbeing in both a proactive and responsive manner. Our programs are holistic, sequential, age appropriate and focused on developing resilient, confident and grounded students prepared to be positive risk takers. While our wellbeing program provides best practice support for our girls’, it is also inclusive of boys in our Early Learning and those participating in the Year 11 and 12 Coordinate Program.

The Ruyton Wellbeing Framework

Our approaches are measured against the Ruyton Wellbeing Framework which incorporates the five essential pillars:

To practice kindness to oneself and others

To connect with others with integrity and respect

To discover and celebrate one's sense of self

To participate actively in one's learning and life

To utilise one's strengths and nurture those of others 

Each pillar is explored in depth and woven throughout dedicated wellbeing sessions, student leadership structures, co-curricular activities and our academic learning programs from Early Learning through to Year 12. There are several entry points to an education at Ruyton.  We work with students and families to ensure a smooth transition to their new school, academically, socially and emotionally.


Wellbeing Support

The wellbeing of each student is overseen by the Heads of Schools.  Experienced and informed support staff consist of:

  • Wellbeing leaders
  • Class/form teachers
  • Counsellors
  • School nurses
  • Learning support staff

Parent Partnerships

We work in partnership with parents, the first educators of our young people, fostering strong relationships that support our girls beyond the school grounds. 

  • Open conversations are fostered between parents and class/form  teachers who provide the first point of contact for discussions regarding your daughter’s wellbeing
  • Student conferences – formal opportunities to speak to your daughter’s teachers

We provide valuable and timely resources from expert resources to support families.

  • Powerful Parenting Seminar Forums
  • School TV 24/7 digital resource support

Parents are encourage to meet other parents of our school community through the many activities of our Parents of Ruyton POR groups.