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Child Safety at Ruyton

Ruyton Girls’ School is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people and has a zero tolerance for child abuse.

The Board and Executive team strive to take a preventative, proactive and participatory approach to child safety issues. The safety and wellbeing of children at Ruyton is a paramount consideration in all our care and decision making.  
Ruyton has developed a Child Protection and Safety Policy which sets out the policies, procedures and work place systems that have been designed to maintain a child safe environment and to embed an organisational culture of child safety within the School community.  The Policy deals specifically with child protection issues and is designed to ensure compliance with the Victorian Child Safe Standards and related child protection laws.  
Key pillars of child safety are our Child Protection and Safety Policy and Child Safety Code of Conduct. These documents, along with our reporting procedures, are provided below. 
The Board regularly reviews the School’s child safety policies and practices, and welcomes input from members of the community via the Principal.

Ms Virginia McLaughlan                 Ms Linda Douglas
Board President                                Principal

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