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Child Safety at Ruyton

Everyone at Ruyton Girls’ School is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. We have zero tolerance for child abuse. This is a core value that is championed and modelled by our Board and Executive team and embedded in our policies and procedures.

Our policies and procedures create a child safe culture and secure environment for all of our students through:

  • Empowering students to express their views and engage in open dialogue about their rights
  • Developing child friendly ways of raising awareness about rights
  • Open engagement with the school community about our Child Safety policies and procedures
  • Following recruitment, training and induction processes to select appropriate staff and support their ongoing commitment to child safety
  • Promoting the cultural safety of vulnerable groups including, Aboriginal children and children from culturally and linuigistically diverse backgrounds
  • Preventing child abuse by identifying risks early, removing and reducing these risks
  • Recognising the diverse needs of vulnerable children and children with a disability
  • Responding to complaints and disclosures promptly and consistently with our legal, policy and procedural obligations.

The key pillars of our child safe program are our Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy and our Child Safety Code of Conduct. These policies outline the Board and Executive team’s commitment to providing the necessary resources to comply with child protection laws, regulations and standards to maintain a child safe culture; and set out the expected behaviour of adults working with children and young people in our School. Links to these documents, along with our reporting procedures, are provided below.


Ms Virginia McLaughlan                 Ms Linda Douglas
Board President                                Principal

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