Powerful Learning

30 March 2020

Heartfelt wishes from our Co-Captains

Heartfelt wishes from our Co-Captains

Hi girls and staff,

We hope that you’re all well and you enjoyed the online classes at the end of Term 1. Being away from school these past few weeks has made us really miss our School community and seeing your smiling faces. We know there’s been a lot of change in the recent weeks and some things haven’t been ideal, but just know that we’re thinking of you and that we’re here if you ever need to reach out.

During times of isolation it’s really important to stay connected as a School community and with your family and friends, and to make the most of the digital technology we have available to us. Make sure to check in with your loved ones, friends, family, teachers and neighbours. Even the smallest messages of support can make a world of difference to someone’s day. Please also use this time to reconnect with yourself and to do the things that make you happy.

We have been blown away with how every person has handled the transition to online learning. First of all, we’d like to really thank our teachers for the huge amount of time that they’ve put into adapting their lessons to a digital platform. More than that, we’d like to thank all of them for putting our wellbeing first and for continually checking in on us and making sure we’re ok. This has not gone unnoticed as it has made us feel supported and has smoothed the transition to online learning which has put us at ease. We hope the holidays give all teachers the chance to have some down time and focus on themselves and their own lives. 

To the girls, we are so proud of the way you’ve taken online learning in your stride. We know it hasn’t been easy, but your optimism and perseverance has made this process a lot easier for everyone involved. While we don’t know how long this will last for, we just want you to stay positive and remain open to what lies ahead. 

We hope that you all have a happy, healthy and safe holiday with your families.

Best wishes,

Mia and Bella