Powerful Learning

28 February 2018

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Year 12 parents and guardians joined together with Year 12 girls, teachers and Senior School students to acknowledge the leadership of the class of 2018. Co-Captains Jessica H and Tess S shared the Year 12 girls’ chosen words, ‘Ebullience and Generosity,’ to highlight the qualities with which the Year 12 girls will lead. They outlined the importance of having our day to day lives rewarded as a result of co-operation and collaboration, enjoying what we do, showing goodwill to all and the fulfillment of seeing others succeed. With a liveliness of spirit and unified approach, the Year 12 girls endeavour to encourage happiness and exuberance across the community.

The girls were delighted to hear from Ms Cooper, Learning Leader of English, as she weaved a theme of reflection on their literary journey into her leadership message. A Ruyton celebration would not be complete without uplifting music. We thank Mr Smith, Director of Music, Mr Jones, Co-ordinator of Keyboard, Henty Orchestra, and Year 12 soloists, Georgia B and Florrie M for their musical contributions. We wish the Class of 2018 all the best, and, as a community, it will be our pleasure to support them.

‘A leader does not clip another’s wing to soar themselves, instead they sacrifice their own, feather by feather, to watch others fly. A leader does not extinguish another’s flame to make theirs burn brighter, instead they light a thousand candles to light the way for their peers. A leader does not spend hours in front of the mirror, gazing at themselves. They turn every window, lake and mirror into an opportunity for reflection; learning from past mistakes and planning for future successes. They pick others up when they fall, they do not relish in the failure of those around them. The failure of others is the failure of a leader. The success of their peers is a success for them. They do not crumble under duress, they hold their head high in the face of adversity, strengthened by the support of their peers. It is their actions that make them special, not their position. They are not the figurehead of others, they are just like everyone else. Because everyone can be a leader.’ Rosie R, Year 12

Mrs Glenis Gumley
Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School