Powerful Learning

27 June 2018

Stories Behind the Stamps

Stories Behind the Stamps

Earlier this month, the Library hosted two lunchtime workshops titled Stories Behind the Stamps. I brought in stamp collections from home and worked through them with interested students in Years 4 to 6. The girls were encouraged not only to view the collections but also to question, compare and analyse the individual stamps.

The workshops focused around a stamp series, issued in September 2015 titled The Dogs That Saved Macquarie Island. The series was inspired by a pest eradication project that enabled the island to be free of the devastating impact of rabbits, rats and mice.

I hope these workshops will inspire interest and conversations with family and friends around stamp collecting.

‘I really enjoyed it, and my favourite thing was learning the story behind one of the stamps. I think that the Stamp Club should be held again next year. I learnt many things about the stamps and it was a very enjoyable experience.’ Leija M, Year 5

‘This session made me stop and think about each stamp and the story behind it.’ Natasha I, Year 5

Ms Catherine Lee
Library Assistant