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13 February 2019

Senior School House Swimming - New Records Set in 2019

Senior School House Swimming - New Records Set in 2019

On Monday 11 February, our Years 7 to 12 students participated in the annual House Swimming Sports. A week earlier than usual, it presented a challenge for the House Captains, but they rallied their troops and achieved excellent participation and fantastic enthusiasm. Congratulations to the girls in Anderson and Lascelles Houses, the Anderson House Co-Captains Lily B and Eliza M and the Lascelles House Co-Captains Amy A and Sammy B. Anderson kept hold of the Swimming Cup, and Lascelles won the Participation Cup for 2019. The Captains of Daniell, Philippa D and Katia D and Captains of Bromby, Lisette B and Isabel H are also congratulated on their strong leadership and their Houses efforts. 
Swimming Cup Results:
1st Anderson, 2nd Daniell, 3rd Lascelles, 4th Bromby
Participation Cup Results:
1st Lascelles, 2nd Anderson, 3rd Bromby, 4th Daniell
There were seven new records set in 2019 - which is a new record!

Year 11 Mia W, 50m Butterfly, 30.22
Year 7 Alessandra S, 50m Butterfly, 31.49
Year 12 Alice X, 50m Freestyle, 28.12
Year 11 Mia W, 50m Freestyle, 28.21
Year 11 Mia W, 50m Backstroke, 32.49
Year 7 Anderson House, 4 x 50m Free Relay, 2.11.01
Year 10 Daniell House, 4 x 50m Free Relay, 2.08.89
Throughout the day the event was attended by many parents, adding to the atmosphere. The food prepared by the Friends of Ruyton Sports Association (FORSA) for the teachers and staff was delicious and well appreciated.
Thank you to all staff, House teachers, House Captains, student officials and all girls who participated. We also thank Ms O and Mrs H, parents of our Co-Captains, Jacqueline and Olivia, for assisting Mrs Gumley with the presentations.

Mrs Angela Allen
Co-ordinator of Houses