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13 September 2017

Ruyton Early Learning Celebrates International Outdoor Classroom Day

Ruyton Early Learning Celebrates International Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday 7 September Ruyton Early Learning celebrated International Outdoor Classroom Day. We joined with over two million children from 15,000 schools around the world, to embrace learning and teaching in the outdoors. At Ruyton Early Learning we feel it is important children understand that learning does not just occur within the four walls of the classroom. Even more importantly, we want children to transfer their learning and experiences from one context to another.

The Kindergarten children planned their whole day outside, from their morning meeting, to morning tea and lunch, work and play, and even rest and relaxation outdoors. The Pre Prep children spent the majority of their day learning in nature. It was wonderful to see them embrace the opportunity and enjoy the feel of the wind, rain and sun.

The children and staff thought about what resources they would need for all types of weather and made a plan in their Floorbook. The children ensured they were prepared, carrying their own snacks and water for the day, and dressing for the variety of weather conditions we encountered. Hats, sunscreen, warm jackets, raincoats and gumboots were all utilised! Thank you to our staff and the children for embracing Outdoor Classroom Day.

Reflections from the children:

‘I liked to see the Pre Preps and having morning tea.’ Ali
I liked when it was raining, because I like to dance in the rain.’ Kaylee
‘I had lots of fun because we were staying out for the whole day.’ Daisy G
‘I liked staying outside. I had lots of fun.’ Yuna

Miss Sarah Denholm
Director of Ruyton Early Learning