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28 November 2018

Prep to Year 2 Twilight Sports

Prep to Year 2 Twilight Sports

... the clouds parted, and the sun shone ...

On Monday afternoon, after an overcast and wet start to the day, the clouds parted, and the sun shone enabling us to go ahead with our planned Twilight Sports event. The arrival of the sun was an enormous relief for Mrs Allen and especially the girls in Year 2, who feared that for a second year running we would be rained out and that they would miss their chance to run, hurdle and jump their hearts out. 

The girls brought with them a sense of fun, a willingness to loosely interpret the rules and the tenacity to pick themselves up, dust off and continue if they encountered adversity. Twilight Sports is such a fun event for the School community, and a fabulous opportunity to connect with the girls and their parents in a beautiful setting. It is a delight to see the girls giving their all, and I thank the parents, students, siblings and staff who joined us for their sportsmanship and friendship on the day.

Mrs Nicole Ginnane
Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School