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17 October 2019

National History Challenge State Finalists

National History Challenge State Finalists

The National History Challenge is a research-based competition that provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their effective use of resources and research to explore topics and events throughout history focusing on a given theme. The National History Challenge theme for 2019 was 'People and Power'.

Well done to all girls who participated and congratulations to the following Junior School girls who were selected as State Finalists:
Year 4 - Saoirse B, Sharmini C, Olga L, Rui M, Isabelle N, Clara P, Vanessa Q, Asha T
Year 5 - Sophie K
Year 6 - Ashleynn L, Riya M, Cleo M, Julia Z

Absent from the State Finalists photograph: Riya M and Ashleynn L.

Ms Kristy Mortimer
Co-ordinator High Potential Learning