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15 November 2017

Muse Art and Design Exhibition

Muse Art and Design Exhibition

All students studying Art at Ruyton, and their teachers, are to be commended on the wonderful work displayed at the Muse Art and Design Exhibition last week. It was a privilege to hear from past student Ms Alice Kennedy (‘11), as she shared her enjoyment of studying Art at Ruyton and her impressive career. She emphasised the importance of creativity in all professions and as a means of enriching our lives. Alice concluded with her motivational words ‘to be able to create is to be able to inspire.’

A number of Art Awards were announced and recipients will be presented with certificates in Assembly this term. Congratulations to the following girls on their awards.

Visual Art Award Prep-Year 2: Kleopatra D, Amelia K, Joanna X

Visual Art Award Year 3-4: Maree A,  Amelia R, Olivia T, Miuccia W

Visual Art Award Year 5-6: Lotus D, Emilia L,  Mia M, Annie N, Lily S

Visual Arts Award Year 7 to 8: Kristin B, Helena C, Dorothy Y

Fine Arts, Design, Technology and Multi-Media Award Year 9 to 10: Pippa C, Mia J, Georgia S, Nancy L

We acknowledge the work of Mrs Cooper-White, Art Studio Manager and Ms Lang, Art Studio Assistant, who dedicated many hours to setting up the displays.

Mrs Glenis Gumley
Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School