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30 August 2019

Model United Nations Forum

Model United Nations Forum

Ruyton girls as global citizens exercised their student voice ...

On Friday 23 August, Ruyton girls as global citizens exercised their student voice in a Model UN Forum on Hear my voice: Recognising the rights of Indigenous peoples. A fitting topic, given that 2019 is the year of Indigenous languages. The forum affords students the chance to work in small teams to ‘step inside’ the viewpoint of a nominated country. They debated a proposed resolution and worked to build consensus on a topic of international significance. Ruyton’s teams comprised 22 students from Years 10 to 12. A total of 87 students participated from Ruyton Girls' School, Trinity Grammar School, Our Lady of Mercy College (Heidelberg), Siena College and Xavier College. 

The forum was facilitated through the United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian division) and was chaired by Mr Carlisle Richardson who acted as Secretary General on the day. As a former Diplomat to the United Nations from St Kitts and Nevis, Mr Richardson guided students throughout the day. Drawing on authentic experience through genuine protocols followed by the United Nations, he ensured that students engaged in civil discourse, which is vital to the international community.

Students took on the roles of delegates from a range of countries and viewpoints to further develop their understanding of Aboriginal peoples rights in various contexts around the globe. The forum offered students an opportunity to reflect on how their school community can continue to stand in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples and affirm an ongoing commitment to reconciliation.

Nations that Ruyton students represented included: Bolivia, Cameroon, Nepal, New Zealand, United States, Russia, Romania.

Mr Tom Crowle
Learning Leader, Humanities