Powerful Learning

21 March 2018

Ruyton Kindergarten Group Learn About Elephants

Ruyton Kindergarten Group Learn About Elephants

Earlier this term the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Kindergarten class voted to name their group the Elephant Group. We have been researching information, listening to stories and singing songs about elephants. The children have also been using A1 sized paper to draw elephants. This sized paper allows the children to use large arm movements and gives them the space to add detail to their drawings.

‘They have big ears.’

‘They go burrrrrrrrr! They do it with their trunk and the water goes out.’

‘It has a trunk, and it picks up water, and it drinks it.’

‘They have a big nose and big eyebrows.’

‘They have tails because they have to have tails and dogs and cats have tails too.’

Miss Sarah Denholm
Director of Ruyton Early Learning