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23 August 2017

From the Ruyton Heritage Collection

From the Ruyton Heritage Collection

We are fortunate at Ruyton to have buildings named in honour of members of our community. While at the time the individual may be well known among the Ruyton community, the years pass and knowledge of their contribution naturally diminishes. With this in mind, over the next few months the Ruyton Heritage Collection in the Wednesday Weekly will seek to remind us all about these individuals and why their dedication to Ruyton was remembered in bricks and mortar.

Derham House – named for Miss Dorothy Derham, (b.1890-d.1978)

Miss Dorothy Derham began her teaching career at Ruyton in 1919, aged 29. At the time, she was still studying in order to add secondary registration to her existing qualification as a primary teacher. At Ruyton she taught senior English and French and was Chief-of-Staff from 1923-1946. She remained on the teaching staff until her retirement 15 years later. Widely liked by both students and staff, Miss Derham was noted for being scholarly, thorough, encouraging and kindly, with a keen sense of humour. When she retired in 1961, Ruyton named the newly-acquired private home on the corner of Wellington Street and Selbourne Road in her honour.

During the 1970s Derham House included music practice rooms, as well as apartments for the Principal and the Housekeeper. In 1985 it became the home of the Music Department.

Mrs Marjorie Theobald, Ruyton Remembers 1878-1978 and The Ruytonian, 1938, 1961 and 1978.

Ms Cathy Dodson, Archivist