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21 June 2017

Poetry Inspired by the Year 5 Camp

Poetry Inspired by the Year 5 Camp

The Year 5 girls recently enjoyed time on camp at The Briar’s Outdoor Education Camp in Mount Martha. We share with you below, a sample of the wonderful and witty camp-inspired poetry written by our Year 5s.

Year 5 Camp’ by Miranda G

‘On a winter Wednesday morning, the Year Fives gathered at School,
The sun was brightly shinning but it was still very cool.
There was laughter and excitement as we boarded the bus,
Heading to camp in Mount Martha, what awaited us?


We arrived at the Briars and settled right in,
We were told to keep our cabins as neat as a pin.
We cooked some yummy damper on a blazing campfire,
Then we had a turn of the giant swing, flying higher and higher!

The next day, the tricky commando course we tried,
When I fell into the water, I laughed so hard I nearly cried!
We visited the Eco House and played a game of ball,
We did some push-cart racing, they were hard to push, but small.


In the afternoon, the flying fox was the best of fun,
We also tried the low ropes course, we did it one by one.
The next day it was time to pack our bags and say farewell,
Camp was the best! We had a great time and there was so much to tell!’

Mrs Nicole Ginnane
Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School