Powerful Learning

21 June 2017

Flowers for the Table

Flowers for the Table

Last Wednesday evening Early Learning staff celebrated our recent rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standard. Our team met together over a beautiful dinner, and it was a special time to reflect and celebrate our achievement.

Earlier in the day, I invited the Kindergarten children to create flower arrangements for the dinner table. I explained to the children that their educators were going out for dinner to celebrate the work we do in Early Learning. The children were presented with a basket of fresh flowers and a tray of different sized bottles. I invited the children to select a bottle and some flowers to create an arrangement for the teachers. As the children used the scissors to cut the flowers to size and place the stems in the small bottle openings, they demonstrated competence and skill in manipulating equipment and managing tools. The children worked independently and collaboratively to present the flowers in various ways. Each arrangement was unique and special.

The arrangements were placed carefully on the table top at our long table dinner, with photos of the creation process displayed next to them. The staff were delighted to find such a beautiful gift from the children - the gift of love, respect and thanks for the care and education of our youngest students.

The arrangements were brought back to Early Learning the next day and displayed in our foyer for everyone to enjoy. Thank you to the children who created these beautiful arrangements for their educators.

Miss Sarah Denholm
Director of Ruyton Early Learning