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25 October 2017

2017 Year 12 Final Day Celebrations

2017 Year 12 Final Day Celebrations

Yesterday was the final School day for our current Year 12 students, before they move into their study leave and examination phase. Early on Tuesday morning, 88 excited Buzz Lightyears gathered in the Courtyard Café for breakfast with our Year 12 parents. To commence this final day, a moment of great significance, with parents and daughters together is a wonderful tribute to the family experience that is schooling.

As always, our Junior School girls have watched with fascination as their heroes, ‘the big girls’, re-entered their childhood for the past two weeks. Yesterday was the absolute highlight for them, and a joyous occasion for the Year 12 girls. The final Assembly highlighted their unique experiences at School, their ability to laugh at themselves, and their strong sense of connection. The great grape mystery of Junior School was finally solved, show and tell moments were shared, a strong sense of entrepreneurship at an early age uncovered, and a litany of camp experiences relived.

Whilst the mood was joyful, it was also emotional, as these fine young women recognised the power of support and friendship they have experienced across the Ruyton family. The sisterhood of 2017 is strong and will continue to be a force to reckoned with, as well as a haven for those who have made the journey together.

After 15 years of schooling; of adventurous learning, curiosity and discovery, these young women are about to embark on a new phase of life; one they are ready to embrace wholeheartedly.

Each and every one of our Year 12 girls has enriched the life of the School in her own way through her participation, her endeavour, and her support of others. The obvious support of each other, as the emotions overcame them on the final day, was most touching.

I sincerely thank the Class of 2017 for their efforts throughout this year in providing positive and inclusive student leadership of our community. These young women have truly led with cohesion and exuberance, as leaders who have stood up for what they believe in, taking action and making a real difference. As a community, we thank them for their strong contribution to the School and wider community throughout their time at Ruyton.

On behalf of the Ruyton community I wish each and every one of our Year 12 girls every success as they move into the final and important last days of their schooling. We know that they will strive to achieve their personal best and that we as staff, parents, and students will be proud of their individual endeavours and achievements. Most importantly we are proud of who they are; of their grit, determination, kindness and compassion.

Thank you to our Year 12 parents for their valuable contribution to our community. Our current Year 12 parents have been a driving force for our parent support groups over many years. I know Ruyton has become a way of life for many of you through this involvement, as well as through your active support of your daughter’s education. There is an honest expression of love and appreciation, of pride and sincerity for you from your daughters. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in your daughter’s life, thank you for your ongoing support and for your contribution to the life of Ruyton.

To the Class of 2017, we wish you well. We hope you have had the time of your life. Be true to yourselves, stay connected and be awesome. You can change the world. Good luck. ‘To infinity and beyond.’

Ms Linda Douglas, Principal