Powerful Learning

8 February 2017

Leading Lives with Purpose and Impact

Leading Lives with Purpose and Impact

At the Senior School Assembly last week our Co-Captains Roshica P and Meredith R delivered an inspiring speech, encouraging each and every girl in Royce not only to achieve her best but also to ensure that she lives with purpose and impact. It was a powerful and energetic start to the year for our girls and one upon which I hope they continue to reflect.

We acknowledged the outstanding achievements of our girls across 2016 and noted academic excellence with two individual presentations. Roshica P was awarded the Catherine Woods Scholarship, in recognition of her achievement of academic excellence in Year 11 2016. Claire Smart was presented with the Dux prize for her outstanding effort and achievement in Year 12 2016. Claire shared with the girls some of her study tips and personal experiences of VCE, in what can only be described as a truly courageous speech.

Claire started her speech where most people dare not go, by outlining her problems and mistakes and how she solved them. As Claire impressed upon the girls, your mistakes generally happen behind the scenes so no one knows about them. Our problems often stem from the fact that we uphold people who have succeeded and focus on their successes not on their mistakes or failures. As Claire shared her personal vulnerabilities you could feel the air of engagement, the sense of connection. The very thought process of ‘… What, that happens to you too? The Dux? Who would have thought that you wear your failures with pride?’

Knowing how you learn best, being aware of your own weak spots, being strong enough to ask for help, strengthening mindset, finding balance and prioritising mental health were all emphasised by Claire. And the finale? To be nice to those around you and to yourself, as you find a positive way to deal with your challenges, one step at a time: to be proud of the fact that you are a work in progress.

We sincerely congratulate Claire Smart on her achievements as Dux. More importantly, we thank her for showing our girls so vividly the personal vulnerabilities and the failures that are an essential part of each and every one of our individual roads to success.

Ms Linda Douglas, Principal