Powerful Learning

1 March 2017

Inquiry and Exploration in Ruyton Early Learning

Inquiry and Exploration in Ruyton Early Learning

Ruyton Early Learning Family Space

We have a new family space in our foyer. This is a place for families to find Ruyton Early Learning information, access parenting and child resources and read current and past Wednesday Weekly articles. We have also introduced a place for leaving feedback. We would love to hear your positive thoughts and new ideas as we strive for continuous improvement. Please feel free to borrow from our ‘parent library’ or browse the collection of resources and information at pick up or drop off times.

Teacher Inquiry Group Project

This year Ruyton Early Learning staff are involved in a School based Teacher Inquiry Group project focusing on powerful learning, one of our strategic priorities. Our aim is to take an inquiry approach to learning, where we work collaboratively with the children, families, School and local community to re-imagine and re-design our outdoor spaces. We envisage this project will be a journey over some time and we would love to hear from anyone who is interested in helping us at various stages. Please speak to me or one of the Early Learning staff if you are interested.

Exploring Shadows

Kindergarten children have discovered their shadows! While spending time in the outdoor spaces, the children explored what can make a shadow, wondered where our shadows go and how we can make our shadows ‘hide.’ Educators are thinking of ways to extend this interest in light and shadow, and you can help your child’s learning by drawing their attention to shadows you can see at home and outside. Encouraging them to discuss their ideas and understandings will help make connections between School and home.

Miss Sarah Denholm
Director of Ruyton Early Learning