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Fiona Griffiths

Fiona Griffiths

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Old Ruytonian Fiona Griffiths (’87) joined the Ruyton Board in 2016 and was Chair of the Ruyton Foundation from 2017-2020.

‘My experience at Ruyton was very positive. I was exposed to many successful women and instilled in me was a fervent belief that I could do anything. Being a small school, you had the chance to have a go at any extra-curricular activity. I cherish my lifelong Ruyton friendships.’

Following school Fiona studied Commerce and Law at The University of Melbourne. From her many years in commercial law practice, her three years as Auburn Primary School Council President and her current role on the Melbourne Theatre Company Foundation Board, Fiona brings to the Board and the Foundation an understanding of policy, governance, school finances, building projects and strategies for fund raising and nurturing a culture of philanthropy.

Married to Tony Osmond, Fiona and Tony have three children, a daughter, Amelia, at Ruyton and sons Harry and Hugo at Trinity Grammar School.