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Ms Sarah Leung

Ms Sarah Leung

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Ms Sarah Leung (’05) was a finalist in the Young Business Women’s Award 2016 for the establishment of her business, Healthy Energy Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Centre.

Sarah is a holistic nutritionist, an accredited practising dietitian and has training in sports dietetics. Her stated mission is to build a healthier society, one person at a time. She educates people about their nutritional wellness needs and offers specialised help with digestive issues, weight management and chronic disease management for conditions such as diabetes. Sarah has developed a unique service in her business, ‘Cooksultations’. She demonstrates how to prepare and cook quick and simple dishes, encouraging clients to use ingredients they’ve never used before. Sarah is also eager to introduce traditional Chinese medicine into her practice, to enhance her message ‘Food as Medicine’.

In addition to clinical consultation work, Sarah has presented wellness programmes to corporates such as Telstra Super, NAB, Victorian councils, the Department of Human Services, Victorian schools and Home Economics Victoria. She has featured as an expert in diverse publications including Wellbeing Magazine, MindFOOD Magazine, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. Sarah gives back to the community by holding fund raising events for the Breast Cancer Network, Monash Children’s Hospital, the RSPCA and beyondblue. Sarah also teaches nutrition at the National Theatre Ballet School and takes part in course development for La Trobe University. In May 2017 Sarah launched a sustainable Australian hand-harvested seaweed product, Alg, to promote the health benefits of seaweed and to introduce this superfood into the Australian diet. 

Sarah has a favourite quote by which she lives: challenge your comfort zone every day. ‘I live by this quote because I believe you cannot grow unless you are willing to do things that scare you. Coming from Hong Kong in Year 9 straight to Ruyton without speaking much English, or having any friends, was a huge challenge, but I think that’s where I grew the most.’