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Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson

The Ruyton Board and Chair of The Ruyton Foundation
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Peter has been a strong advocate for the role of parents in the School since his family joined Ruyton in 2014 and is an active member of the Ruyton Community.  A past president of the Ruyton Fathers’ Association, Peter joined The Ruyton Foundation Committee in 2017 and was recently appointed to the role of Chair.

Beyond his passion and commitment to the School, Peter brings a strong professional and financial skill set to the Board, having spent close to 20 years as an investment banker in Australia and the UK. Peter has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and is an Executive Director at UBS, where he specialises in advisory and capital market transactions. Peter is married to Natasha and their daughters Isabelle and Lottie attend school at Ruyton.

“I welcome the opportunity to join the Board and contribute to the ongoing success and development of the school.  Ruyton has been a wonderfully nurturing environment for our girls and has a clear commitment to education excellence and inspiring girls at all levels.  As a Board member I am conscious of the important custodial role in ensuring Ruyton remains an enduring institution defined by strong values."