Educating Girls

20 July 2019

What really matters when choosing a school for your daughter?

What really matters when choosing a school for your daughter?

Choosing a school to meet your daughter’s needs can be overwhelming. In this interview, the Principal of Ruyton Girls’ School, Ms Linda Douglas, discusses what really matters and explains how Ruyton measure success in educating girls. Ruyton Girls’ School in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, has for over 140 years, inspired girls to live lives of impact and purpose.

Sense of belonging

When girls feel connected and valued, they thrive. Our school is located on one campus by design with Early Learning, Junior and Senior Schools at the one location in Kew. This builds a strong sense of belonging that fosters mentoring opportunities and meaningful connections. Transitioning from Early Learning to Prep and from Year 6 to Year 7 is a positive experience as our girls continue their journey supported in familiar surroundings. Girls who join us in later years quickly settle into a warm and welcoming environment. 


Powerful Learning

Confidence and self-belief are essential to realise individual potential. Ruyton’s academic programme is broad, challenging and creative with an emphasis on personalised learning. Strong foundations in literacy and numeracy are established from Prep along with a rich inquiry-based programme that not only gives our girls an understanding of their world but also opportunities to problem solve, create and engage. In Junior School our girls experience specialist lessons in Drama, Library, Languages (Chinese or French), Music, Physical Education and STEM.

In addition to a broad academic curriculum our girls have the opportunity to engage in a range of co-curricular opportunities. These experiences broaden the perception of self, provide challenge and connection, develop a strong sense of purpose. We give our girls a well-rounded start to their education journey.

These learning foundations continue into Senior School, where an extensive selection of subjects and co-curricular options allow our girls to follow their passions and challenge themselves in different ways to discover their true capacity.

We see our girls be bold, be adventurous, challenge thinking and expectations to be the best version of themselves.

The measure of success

Ruyton is acknowledged widely as a high performing school. We never lose sight of the grit and determination behind every girl’s endeavour and achievement. Success is not a single goal, it is developed, built upon and celebrated from Early Years through to Year 12 with the spirit of lifelong learning. Our holistic approach empowers our girls to lead lives of impact and purpose with courage, character and compassion, both now and in the future. This is how we define success.

Interview with 

Ms Linda Douglas

Ruyton Girls' School

July 2019