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31 July 2020

Ruyton Scholar Programme

Ruyton Scholar Programme

‘Our one-size-fits all approach to education, with a focus on students’ ”acing the test”, is not what is required to prepare young people to navigate a rapidly changing world. By creating and improving pathways for young Australians to develop work ready skills and career management capabilities, we will support their ability to fully thrive in the future.’ Jan Owen, CEO Foundation for Young Australians

In the midst of a global crisis, planning for our young people’s future has never been more important. The impact of COVID-19 on health, economy and community will be far reaching, and a focus on life, work and career capabilities for our girls is crucial.

Our strategic focus on Powerful Learning over the past few years at Ruyton has included reviewing how we acknowledge, support and define these capabilities, widening the traditional definition of academic excellence. Our intention is to provide extended opportunities for choice, flexibility and experiential learning underpinned by student voice, agency and impact in a global world. Curricular, co-curricular, wellbeing, volunteering and leadership experiences will all contribute to this programme, underpinned by the Ruyton values and learning pillars.
The Ruyton Scholar Programme (commencing 2021) will foster the skills, capabilities and dispositions to enable Ruyton girls to live lives of impact and purpose in an ever changing, interconnected world. This School-wide programme will comprise of three phases to meet the developmental needs of our girls: early years, middle years and senior years.
Through an expanded interdisciplinary, experiential and community-connected approach, students in the senior years (Years 9 to 12) will have the opportunity to explore and engage in one of the ‘Scholar Strands’ at a deeper level, extending our recognition of excellence and endeavour: 

  • Creativity Scholar: those who perceive the world in new ways to generate and communicate imaginative ideas, alternatives, and possibilities through visual and performing arts
  • Enterprise Scholar: those who explore ways to make a difference in the lives of others and transform the world by solving big problems through innovation, communication and entrepreneurship 
  • Global Scholar: those who investigate the world and their place in it, taking an active role in their community, working with others to make our world more equitable and sustainable 
  • Discovery Scholar: those who explore the intersections and applications of historical inquiry, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to problem-find, problem-solve and create innovative solutions. 

This first phase of the Scholar Programme will commence in Years 9 and 10 in 2021. Students who elect to participate will undertake a minimum number of electives within their selected Scholar Strand, engaging regularly with a mentor with expertise in this area. They will undertake an additional formal experience beyond the elective programme, relevant to their Scholar Strand, enabling them to demonstrate leadership and action. Scholar Immersion Programmes will also take place during Years 9 and 10 at appropriate stages in the year.
To achieve acknowledgement as a Ruyton Scholar, students will complete the Capstone Project during Year 11 or 12. The Capstone Project requires students to undertake research relevant to their Scholar Strand, ultimately presenting a research paper or equivalent to a panel. To complete this research, students can choose to take the VCE subject Extended Investigation or be supported by a research supervision mentor. In addition to this research, students will demonstrate evidence of continued action and leadership.
We are excited about the opportunities the Ruyton Scholar Programme will provide to support our girls to thrive now and in the future. 


Linda Douglas

Cathryn Furey

Principal Deputy Principal, Director of Learning

Ruyton Girls' School

July 2020