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Playgroup - The Journey Starts Here

At Ruyton, we believe children to be capable and competent from birth. Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The curriculum in our playgroup has been designed to be open-ended in nature, and aims to encourage curiosity, awe and wonder in children aged 18 months to three years. Our playgroup provides a learning experience for children with opportunities to develop and improve their physical, emotional, language, social and cognitive skills.

Connecting to the Community Beyond School Grounds

Over the course of the year, our playgroup centre will celebrate noteworthy days and events that are relevant to our community, such as Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and public holiday events. On these occasions, we might amend our regular programme to tie it in with the day, and we invite parents and carers to fully immerse themselves in such activities with the children to ensure a fun and engaging experience.

We ask that while you’re with your child at playgroup that you switch off or leave your mobile phone on silent so you and your daughter or son can enjoy maximum learning time together. Our playgroup is designed to encourage socialising and help build bonds, and we find that electronic devices such as phones are counteractive to this.


What is the Recommended Playgroup Age?

Local playgroups can have varying playgroup age requirements, which can make it challenging to know which playgroup to enrol your child in. Our playgroup is designed to connect our school with the wider community, and we welcome boys and girls aged 18 months to three years old as well as their parents and/or carers. From here, they can seamlessly move into our Early Learning Kindergarten for three to four year olds and then to our Pre Prep programme for four to five year olds.

 'I get to play in the sand pit.' Millie

Our Teachers & Sessions TimesSelection 027

The facilitating educator of our playgroup is Ms Katie Lewis. She holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Diploma in Children’s Services, so you can rest assured that your child or children are being appropriately educated and cared for at one of the best playgroups in the eastern suburbs.

Session Times

Looking to find a playgroup or childcare in Kew that operates at a convenient time? Our playgroup runs every Friday of the school term from 9am to 10.30am. Please arrive at Junior School Reception via entrance number 7 on Wellington Street. Our playgroup is in the area referred to as the Open Space.

For bookings and more information about our playgroup, please contact Mrs Jane Koenig, Assistant to the Head of Junior School on 03 9819 2422.


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