Our School

Welcome from the School's Co-Captains

Ruyton has always been more than just a school to us. It has been a supportive environment, in which we have been able to learn, develop our own skills and ideas, and pursue both new and existing passions.

We feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such an accepting and nurturing community, one in which all girls are encouraged to thrive as the people they want to be. This is something that we believe is very special about Ruyton, and something we know will forever exist within the School.

MCPL0469xBeing a smaller school with such a supportive community, it has been amazing to see the development of personal and meaningful connections, not only within year levels, but across the School as a whole. Everyone is always ready to lend a hand or to simply share a smile, and this is something that is embedded in the spirit and culture of Ruyton. Our teachers are continually supportive of our endeavours, helping us to not only reach our potential, but also to go beyond what we think possible.  
All girls are always encouraged to take every opportunity that comes their way, whether it be through our learning experiences in the classroom or through co-curricular activities. Every year we see girls trying new things and discovering new interests, allowing them to grow and flourish as individuals.
In 2018, we want to see each girl be inspired to reach her own dreams in her own unique way. We believe that everyone has the power to make a difference both at school, and in the outside world, and have no doubt that every girl will be able to achieve anything that she sets her mind to.
Jessica Hepworth and Tess Stewart,
School Co-Captains 2018