Our School

Junior School

At Ruyton we believe in girls. It is this belief in our girls that has driven the desire to reimagine our junior seat of learning, to provide many opportunities for our girls to learn in so many different ways. So what makes a great home for learning? 

In our studio we have smiling girls and colourful cushions and an extraordinary view out of our window. Our lights are soft and lovely and they dim like magic. Year 1 students.

We have orange spaces to come together, corners to work as a team, no doors to keep us apart and windows where we can be seen. We have different people in many different places and we can choose to sit or stand. We have choices within our spaces. Year 3 students.

Less is more. Windows and glass allow us to be both free and connected. We have more options for the way we go about our learning with less distractions. White walls feel big, calm and peaceful. Year 4 students.