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Ruyton Girls' School provides students with access to eduroam.

This is an exciting opportunity to enable Ruyton students and staff greater access to the internet. 

eduroam (short for education roaming) is a global service enabling staff and students of educational, research and related institutions to visit another eduroam participating institution and connect to the visited institution's wireless network automatically.

eduroam infrastructure provided by Ruyton Girls’ School, AARNet and global participants enables a Ruyton Girls’ School visitor's home institution to authenticate the visitor remotely. Upon successful authentication, Ruyton Girls’ School grants wireless network access to the visitor. Other eduroam participating institutions similarly grant network access to visiting users from Ruyton Girls’ School.

eduroam makes it possible for Ruyton students to access online educational resources securely while at other participating institutions without needing to provide personal information to register for an account.

If configured correctly, eduroam users should be able to get a network connection at a visited institution just by opening their laptop or activating their phone or tablet device.

Click here to read more about eduroam.


How do I connect to eduroam?

To connect to eduroam, select eduroam from the list of wireless networks available.

Use your Ruyton email address eg smitha@ruyton.vic.edu.au as the username and your Ruyton password as the password.

Please see below for further details on the network if required:
Security: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption: AES
EAP method: PEAP
Phase 2 authentication (Inner Method): MSCHAPV2
Identity: username@ruyton.vic.edu.au
Anonymous Identity: username@ruyton.vic.edu.au
Certificate: Do not verify

If you require assistance with setting up eduroam on your device, feel free to visit the Ruyton Helpdesk or email helpdesk@ruyton.vic.edu.au

In using eduroam at Ruyton, users agree to use the service in accordance with the Ruyton Girls' School Acceptable Use of ICT Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct.
More information about our policies are available here.