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'I love Ruyton because we do a lot of fun things like STEM.' Asha.


The Active and Interactive Process of Learning in the Transition Years

Learning is an active process in the Junior School, with a strong focus on personalised learning to equip our girls for challenges they may face in the future. Our learning culture nurtures curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, encouraging problem finding and solving in order to understand our world. Each girl’s wellbeing, sense of belonging and academic growth is cared for and nurtured throughout her junior years.


Learning Programmes

The learning programme for students in the Junior School years Prep to Year 6 recognises the importance of Literacy and Numeracy skills, knowledge and understanding as the foundations of learning. Our programmes are designed to meet the needs of each girl, to challenge and extend her to reach her capabilities and to provide support where needed. We set high standards for every girl and use a range of assessment strategies to monitor progress and personalise learning. Through an active, inquiry based approach and a commitment to project based learning, we empower our girls as partners in the learning process.

Our Junior School girls enjoy specialist lessons in Drama, Library, Music, Languages (Chinese or French), Physical Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and an Outdoor Education / Camping Programme starting in Year 3. All girls are involved in Drama productions and Choir and many of them take up the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or take voice lessons. A strong co-curricular sport programme gives our girls the opportunity to build their skills through team sports as well as discipline, commitment and team spirit. Girls also have the opportunity to be involved in a range of other co-curricular activities, such as Yoga, Gymnastics, Inter School Sport, Running, Swimming Squads, Coding, Dance and Drama, Debating and Chess.


Ruyton Facilities

The facilities available at Ruyton include swim school programmes and an Aquatic Club in the state-of-the-art swimming facility.


South House Programme

In Year 4, our girls enjoy the immersive experience of the South House Programme. It is a year when they engage in a unique learning journey, based in a purpose built facility to learn and understand themselves as both learners and as responsible members of a learning community. With their own vegetable garden and kitchen, and a full schedule of community based learning experiences, our Year 4 girls become increasingly aware of themselves as members of a community and as global citizens, as they take on greater responsibility and effect action.

'I love Ruyton and I love South House!!'


Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

Learning is celebrated and shared in the Junior School through learning snapshots and celebrations of learning, providing families, staff and students with an appreciation of the knowledge, skills and understanding gained and the action taken.

Ruyton girls gain a true perception of what it takes to be a leader throughout their Junior Years, leading up to their senior years. From Star Sisters in Year 2, through to Year 6 Leadership Teams, our girls learn by action and realise that leaders are people who step up rather than people who wear a badge. Our girls embrace the opportunity to stand for civic and environmental causes they believe in and help others, displaying the courage and character this requires.


For further information contact the Registrar, Mrs Nadine Hibbert, or call + 61 (3) 9819 2422 


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