Our Learning


Ruyton aims to provide girls with the skills, motivation and confidence to face challenges in our complex world today and to equip them to become accomplished global citizens and lead lives of purpose with courage and character. We encourage open communication and respectful relationships from Early Learning through to Year 12.

Our values of Character, Citizenship, Endeavour and Integrity shape and define the Ruyton woman and the way she leads her life. The Ruyton community lives by these values, providing support, role models and a sounding board for our girls as they make their mark in the world.

Our Wellbeing Programme is overseen by the Heads of Schools, working closely with Counsellors, Wellbeing Leaders, class teachers and form teachers. All teachers at Ruyton have a responsibility for the health and wellbeing of every girl.

We recognise that there is a strong link between optimum learning and wellbeing. For this reason we integrate wellbeing into all aspects of the School programme, supporting the growth and development of emotional, social, physical and academic domains. We value the development of positive and respectful relationships and resilience from early childhood to adulthood. The boys in Early Learning and in our Co-ordinate Programme at Years 11 and 12 are also included in our comprehensive programme of wellbeing.

Our programme encourages care and concern for the wellbeing of self and others, personal responsibility and self discipline, development of emotional and social skills, respect for diversity, and active engagement as a community member.

We support a smooth passage from Early Learning to Junior School and Junior to Senior School through our transition and orientation programmes.

I know Ruyton believed in me when … my teacher didn’t judge me, she just understood my personality and believed in me.’  Year 3 student.