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'I love Ruyton because it has trees that change colour in autumn.' Christina.

Inviting your Children to Think and Wonder

At Ruyton Early Learning, we believe in nurturing curiosity, wonder, adventure and joyful learning as children discover and explore their world. Our Early Learning Centre is situated in Kew and offers a specially designed pre-school curriculum.

Children at Private Pre Prep Melbourne

Ruyton Kindergarten and Pre Prep Programmes

Ruyton Early Learning Centre offers ELAA approved Kindergarten and Pre Prep programmes. Each learning group is designed differently and reflects the children, staff and families who belong to it.

'At Ruyton Early Learning, children are seen as strong, curious and capable learners. Our environment creates opportunities for children to share their theories and thinking, and build on their existing knowledge. We engage with children, families and community to ensure our programme is constantly evolving with the children’s needs and interests. It is a beautiful space, an extension of home, where everyone is welcomed and cared for.'

Director of Early Learning, Miss Sarah Denholm

As one of the leading Early Learning Centres, we offer children opportunities for learning through small and large group project work, where children are invited to explore, think and wonder. Independence is encouraged and educators support children to develop self-help and self-regulation skills. Our Pre Prep Learning Groups are structured to cater for children in the year prior to their first year of school.

Pre Prep builds upon children’s rich experiences in Kindergarten and is designed to enhance the development, creativity and learning opportunities of each child and the group. There is a continued focus on the development of early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as inquiry learning skills. Children in Kindergarten and Pre Prep enjoy Story and Research (Library), and Music and Dance with Specialist teachers. Our Pre Prep children also participate in French Language and Culture learning.

What is the Recommended Pre Prep Age?

Early learning centres at Melbourne private schools can help your child develop skills that are vital to learn before they start school. After they graduate from three year old kindergarten at the age of four, they will continue to our Pre Prep programme from the ages of four to five years. And then your child needs to be five by 30 April to be able to start the first year of primary school.

The Reggio Emilia Educational Project

The Reggio Emilia Educational Project is central to our focus of learning. In line with the Reggio Emilia approach, we recognise young children as competent learners, able to construct meaning, develop thinking abilities and to be resourceful and creative. Children are provided with opportunities for challenges and success. The learning environment affords students ample time to explore and experiment, to reflect and revisit learning, and to develop awareness of their own abilities.

Children at Early Learning Centre Melbourne

Citizenship and Belonging through Community

Citizenship is a signature feature of our programmes offered at Ruyton Early Learning as we explore citizenship through our community. As one of the leading private pre schools in Melbourne, we believe in accessing the whole school and local community to enhance learning and provide new opportunities and provocations for our children to explore. Our pre school curriculum also promotes development of a sense of belonging to different groups and communities, broadening their understanding of the world in which we live. As part of an Early Learning to Year 12 Learning Community, we have access to numerous possibilities and resources for learning. Combined with a pedagogy that is constantly evolving, changing, adapting and innovating, we can provide opportunities for learning and development inside, outside and beyond.
Children at Private Pre Prep Melbourne

Extended Hours

As one of the best private early learning centres in Melbourne, we have extended hours to meet family needs, starting from 3.15pm – 6pm, and before care starting from 7.30am – 8.45am

Ruyton Facilities

The facilities available at Ruyton might be aimed at older students, but for those girls still in their early learning years, it provides a goal or a focal point for their future years as a student of Ruyton.

Welcome to Ruyton Early Learning. The journey starts here.


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Exceeding PNG

In 2017, Ruyton Early Learning received a rating of Exceeding in all seven areas of the National Quality Standard.


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