Our Community

Parents of Ruyton

The parent body of Ruyton is called The Parents of Ruyton, more commonly known as the POR.

The POR is all about creating an engaged community within the School. It is the link between the School and the parents. The POR is the umbrella organisation for all of the Parent Support Groups in the School and it also supports the Year Level Reps. The POR looks to engage our parent community in new opportunities to continue to strengthen the bond and interaction between parents and the School.

POR Support Groups

Year Level Representatives

Year Level Reps aim to build a sense of community at individual year levels. Their objective is to help further the support that the POR provides to the School, fostering a sense of belonging to the Ruyton School community amongst parents.

 Fathers’ Group

The newly formed Fathers’ Group has four aims:

            to be a passionate advocate for Ruyton girls achieving their education and career ambitions

            to be a social and support network for Ruyton fathers

            to stay connected with our girls

            to promote School engagement and support.

 Friends of Ruyton Art (ForART)

ForART supports the Art Department and staff in the organisation of exhibition master classes, gallery visits and visiting artist programmes. It enables parents to meet and interact with other families whose children are passionate about the Visual Arts and provides opportunities for the Ruyton community to engage in activities which promote Art appreciation.


Questers provides an opportunity for parents and grandparents interested in art and crafts to come together to share or learn skills in a friendly, informal atmosphere. The group creates and sources gifts for sale at stalls each year, including at Easter, and Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day.

Friends of Ruyton Performing Arts (FORPA)

FORPA supports students and staff of the Performing Arts at Ruyton, fostering the idea that a student’s immersion in a dramatic or musical theatre production is a wonderful and creative experience with many positive benefits. FORPA organises volunteers to assist with the many and varied aspects of productions at all year levels.

Friends of Ruyton Sports Association (FORSA)

FORSA supports sport within the School and assists in interschool competitions, as requested.

Friends of Ruyton Equestrian Team (FRET)

FRET provides support to those girls involved in equestrian activities and who are interested in representing the School at Inter-School Equestrian competitions.

 Henty Rowing Club

The Henty Rowing Club supports the rowing programme by assisting at regattas, running social activities and raising funds to purchase boats and other equipment. All parents of current Ruyton rowers automatically become members of the Henty Rowing Club. 

Second Hand Uniform Shop

This is a means to sell old uniforms as well as buy second hand uniforms. Parent volunteers assist with the sorting, grading, pricing and assisting families.

Ruyton Aquatic Club Inc

Ruyton Aquatic Club Inc was formed in 2011. Ruyton Aquatic is affiliated with Swimming Victoria and is a member of the Metro East District. It is a community based programme offered to both male and female swimmers. Ruyton Aquatic offers a state-of-the-art swimming facility and gives keen swimmers the opportunity to train and compete in events outside of their school swimming activities. 

Ruyton Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

The Ruyton Rhythmic Gymnastics Club covers all levels or rhythmic gymnastics, from recreational to the elite international stream. 

Ruyton Saturday Netball Club

The RSNC welcomes all girls from Year 4 to 12 to participate in our netball programme as a player, coach or umpire. Matches are played on a Saturday and our programme focuses on the development of sportsmanship, teamwork, enthusiasm, leadership and netball skills.

POR Co-Presidents

The Co-Presidents of the Parents of Ruyton (POR) Association are parents with children at the School who work with the Community Relations Office to maintain good communication within the Ruyton community between all of the volunteer run groups and to fund raise. POR Term meetings are scheduled once a term and all current parents/guardians are invited to attend.